What kind of tiles do you use?
We use tumbled marble tiles.

Where do the tiles come from?
The marble tiles are imported from Turkey.

Are the tiles ethically sourced?
Yes- the companies responsible for the mining and the quarries where our marble is sourced are in compliance with all environmental and labour regulations as set out by the Turkish government. In fact, natural stone mining is a key employer and economic driver for the region.

How do you transfer the images to the tiles?
The images and designs are printed directly to the marble tiles using a special piece of printing equipment. The inks are formulated so that as they print, they are flashed with a UV light that automatically cures the ink to the stone.

Where do you get your designs?
Most of our designs are done in house, while others we have purchased, and in some cases we have commissioned artists to create original work for us. 

Are your coasters waterproof?
Our coasters are water resistant, not water proof. Liquid will bead on the surface of the coaster allowing you to wipe them clean with a damp cloth, but standing liquid left on the coasters for a while may eventually penetrate the stone, as marble is naturally a porous material. The coasters are not dishwasher safe.

Do you sell in bulk?
Yes- we do offer bulk pricing for companies looking to offer our coasters as a promotional item and we have wholesale pricing for retail partners. For more information, send us an email and we'll discuss your project!

We're constantly updating the FAQ section, so check back often or if you have a question for us, simply shoot us an email.