Tile is our canvas.

There's no denying the love affair between people and their photos. Since people have been able to take photographs they have been looking for creative ways of displaying them. And that is the reason we created VersaTile.

The brainchild of the husband and wife team of Dan and Kelly Fallak (yeah, that’s us and our adorable son Henry over there on the left), the business is literally run out of the basement of our home in the quaint town of Almonte, Ontario. You should come visit – it really lives up to its nickname "The Friendly Town".

One day in early 2012, Dan saw a tweet about how Instagram was awarded Apple's App of The Year. That got us thinking about creative ways people could display their Instagram photos. It wasn't long until we thought of coasters. It was a perfect marriage: the square dimensions of a coaster and the signature square format of Instagram photos.

So, we began to research and experiment with how we could get images and graphics onto tile coasters. After many trials and failed attempts we found the method we use today and quickly realized that we were onto something rather special. We also discovered that this method of transferring photos and graphics to the tiles would allow us to do much more than coasters. And so we developed MOSAIX, our signature line of framed photo tile mosaic wall art. Mounted inside shadow boxes, MOSAIX offer an incredibly unique way to display your most cherished images.

What started as a little side job we worked on in the evenings and weekends has grown to a point where I left my day job to grow VersaTile to be the company I believe it can be. We are VersaTile and tile is our canvas. Let us capture a special moment in stone for you.

- Dan