What kind of tiles do you use for your coasters?

Our coasters are made using a custom ceramic blend.

Do the coasters absorb condensation?

YES! Our ceramic has been developed so that the condensation off your glassware will absorb right into the coaster tile!

How are the graphics printed to the coasters?

We use state of the art UV flatbed printers. The ink is specially formulated so that as it prints, it cures to the tile and the result is a very durable print.

Are the coasters dishwasher safe?

No, the coasters are not dishwasher safe because there is a cork pad on the bottom.

How do I clean my coasters, will they stain?

You can clean your coasters using mild soap and water. Scrubbing with a non abrasive sponge or cloth works well! Since the coasters are absorbent, there is a chance of staining. The sooner you clean up any spills, the better chance of preventing any stains. Spills of non-clear liquids, especially high dye liquids (red wine, orange pop, black coffee etc) are most likely to cause a stain. For difficult stains, you can thoroughly scrub the coaster and flush with water. Leave the coaster upright to allow the coaster and cork pad to dry completely.